Sims Next Top Model,Cycle 1 By:TheWorldofSims

Sims Next Top Model Is A Show where sims compete to become the next big sim supermodel and to win a contract with Color Models A cover and spread in Vauge magazine. And A 150,000 dollar contract with Covergirl cosmetics. Hosted By:LaRae Sorenson winner of finals101's Cycle 3 of Sims Next Top Model.


Episode 1 The Semi-Finalist of Sims Next Top Model come to Los Angeles to compete o become Sims next Top Model. They meet up with Bella-Lousie a Color Model and their mentor. And evetualy get iterveied by laRae,Kevin, And bella-lousie. Then After 20 is narrowed down to 15 the remaining 15 girls do a black and white shoot. &nbsp But in the end only 10 will be selected to become Sims next Top Model.

Episode 2 The 10 finalist move to New York City For the competition and right away receive Ty-Overs. Some girls take there makeover really well while 1 girl loses it and yells at every girl the competitition. And They move into a beautiful house and 1 girl continues to irriate all the girls fed up 1 girl decides to slap the girl. Then recieve A Rae mail and go to a poloroid shoot for Color Models. At panel 1 girl tells the judges she wants out because of one girl. Still one girl is eliminated.

Episode 3

The Remaining 8 girls learn Runway from Whitney Taylor and one walks away with immunity. One girl continues to irriate her competition. Driving one girl crazy. Then the girls have a photoshoot modeling masks. At panel 1 girl is eliminated but not until one girl sticks up for the eliminated girl.

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